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DISCO RETRO NIGHTS (DRN) has been headed by Marco Time for over 12 years.  While Marco was with "Back to Disco" (BTD), he always wanted to expand on the parties and events.  Adding more artists and rotating more DJs to bring better variety to try and reproduce the 80's underground dance scene.  While BTD was focused on 70's Disco, Marco decided to focus on much more than that.  Adding "High Energy", "FreeStyle" and "New Wave" has been instrumental in the success of DRN.


Marco continues to create more parties and events along with helping friends who are on the same mission.  Keeping our music alive.


So as BTD is slowing down with its events, DRN continues to produce more and more,

Marco Casarrubias aka Marco Time has been in the DJ industry since 1978.  Joined a group called TELEX.  Later the name was changed to TERRESTRIAL 2 after the release of the movie E.T. and finally settling with TIME.

As Marco branched of in a "solo" venture, without his partners Martin and X'avier, he changed his name and added a new logo "Marco Time".

Disco Retro Nights used to reside inside the Radisson Hotel & Resort in the City of Whittier, California.  Now, we are doing our events everywhere.  Most recently at Caddies, Commerce Casino, Manhattan Lounge, Rudy's LA Bar, The Sunset Room, Bruces, VFW Hall, Casa Vertigo, Bicycle Casino, The Fiesta Hall, Gateway Hotel and more!!  

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